Imagine a day where every glance, every laugh, and every tear is a testament to the love and joy that surround you. A day so precious, with all your loved ones gathered to celebrate the beginning of your forever. As time moves on, these moments become the treasures you'll hold close to your heart, the memories that will bring you back to the warmth and love of your wedding day. We understand the importance of capturing these irreplaceable memories without compromising on quality or exceeding your budget. Our dedication is to encapsulate the essence of your love story, crafting images that not only tell your story but also evoke the emotions and love of your special day. This makes it possible for you to relive your most cherished moments, time and time again.


For the giant party weddings, the smaller, more intimate ones, the backyards, and the registry. Everything and all of it in between, we want to be there and capture some of your most special to-be memories. Getting ready with your best friends, walking down the aisle and a big feast with your family are some of those.

We have wedding photography packages from 6 hours all the way up to 10 as standard options. However, we're totally happy to come up with something special for you, if you are interested in pricing contact us.

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The bride and groom exiting amidst congratulations from wedding guests at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast.


For all the lovers out there looking to celebrate—be it your engagement, your anniversary, or simply being together as a couple—this session is all about documenting your special bond. We'll choose a location that suits you both, we give you guides on with tips, and then hit the road!

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Engagement photos of a couple taken at sunset, with a beautiful long grass field.

Let's Document Your Story

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During the time we've agreed upon for photography, we are devoted to capturing those moments that mean the most to you, and based on the package you select, we'll provide these images to you after your wedding. On your special day, our wedding photography service thoughtfully includes the time needed to move between venues and for necessary breaks within the total photography timeframe. This means that even the moments we're not actively taking photos—due to travel or rest—are considered part of our service to you. For instance, if you've chosen a 10-hour package that begins at 10 am, taking into account the time for movement and breaks, you can expect our services to wrap up by 8 pm.

How many images do we receive?

Since every wedding is unique, we do not guarantee a set number of images. Several factors affect the number of images captured at your wedding, including the number of hours you have contracted us for, your scheduled activities, and the number of guests at your party. As a guideline, you can expect approx. 50-70 images per hour of service that you contract. If you have two photographers, the number increases to approx. 70-90 images per hour of service.

Do you use photoshop to change how people look in your photos?

Our belief is that everyone's natural beauty is already perfect. In our photography, we aim to capture your genuine self, especially during those carefree and joyful moments when you are least aware of the camera. We do not use Photoshop to alter your height or weight. Our editing process is designed to keep the photos as authentic and true to your real, memorable experiences as possible. However, we do apply minor adjustments, such as refining skin textures or concealing small blemishes, to enhance the overall appearance.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I’m excited to go over the travel details with you and provide a custom quote tailored to your specific needs. Let’s explore the possibilities together and ensure your plans are met with the perfect personalised solution. I look forward to crafting a proposal that perfectly suits your requirements.

CAN we Split photography coverage on the wedding day?

We don't offer services that split coverage within a single day. However, if your event spans multiple days, feel free to reach out with the specifics, and we can discuss it further.

Do you do group photos?

Yes. Although I shoot in a documentary style, I do take some time on your wedding day to photograph group/family photos as these can be important. I try to keep them short and sweet, though, as nobody likes waiting around. I normally recommend not having more than 5-10 groups.

Can we book you only for a few hours?

We create custom packages for many clients. That said, your wedding photos will be the only thing you have left to remember your day, so we definitely recommend capturing the entire event!

Can you give us the raw files?

We do not supply unedited raw files as we consider these our unfinished product, and part of what you are paying for when you commission us for your photography is our editing ability. We promise that you will have many edited images and won’t be missing out on any photos if that is what you might be thinking.

How much do you edit your photos?

EDITING is the most time-intensive part of your wedding photography process, as I work hard to ensure every image meets our artistic standards. Every photo has a custom look applied and is adjusted for things like brightness and optimal colour.

I’m Ready To Book! What Next?!

AMAZING! I can’t wait to get to know you!

To book, we require a signed contract and a deposit. Dates cannot be reserved until these have been received. Contact us today, and we'll send you full booking information!

Do you provide albums?

Albums are not included in our basic packages, BUT we can definitely add one for you after the day is over! Wedding albums are an incredible keepsake to commemorate your day.


How To Proceed

1. Fill out the form with your details

Share some information about your needs and expectations from this photography session with me.

2. Let's schedule a call or meeting

It's crucial for me to get to know you before we sign any contracts and plan any details.

3. Sign a contract, now i'm yours

We shake hands, agree on details, and start planning the whole thing. I'm available for you before and after.

4. Enjoy the day and get photos after

This is the most fun and memorable part of the whole process, when we actually get to create together.